Monday, June 29, 2009


My heart aches for my sister tonight. She is being told that her son most likely will not come off of the ventilator and his lungs are beginning to harden because of it. (I don't understand this since Christopher Reeves was on a vent for so long).

So much has happened that continues to set him back but the biggest thing is that his pneumonia won't go away.

She wants him either at a different where she feels they will actually work toward weening him.....or she wants him home. They said something about a nursing home but this breaks her heart and mine too. Her baby is suffering so much and there is nothing she can do but watch as he slowly dies.

Dear God I don't understand how she stands up to this. There is so little that we as her family can do for her. I feel at the very least completly useless. I never thought I would have to support her this way. I don't understand how she functions at work.

He says he is not ready to give up yet. He still wants to fight and show them they are wrong.

I don't understand how he can keep sane as long as he has been doing this. I know there are families who have gone through it longer but I bet not many of them are single moms of only children.

Your prayers are appreciated.


Faith said...

Oh, Tracey. I'm so sorry. :(

There are no words to say. It is so hard to wrap our minds around this kind of pain.

I am praying for you, for your sister, for your dear little nephew.


Peggy said...

my heart and prayers are with you, your nephew and sister. hugs my friend

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Prayers are definitely with you and your sis and him. (((hugs)))

Leslie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your nephew and your sister. I pray that your sister will be able to find the medical help her son needs to overcome this. He sounds like he is such a wonderfully strong young man to go through so much and still be determined to show them that they are wrong. I hope he never gives up.


Thank you all very very much. Pretty much cry everytime i think of them and what they are going through. I very much worry about my daughters reaction when she loses her cousin since she has not processed through the death of her husband yet. I can not imagine the pain my sis will go through. For now she is not done fighting for him. your prayers matter so much.

rn4kids said...
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rn4kids said...

My heart is breaking for Michael, Christie, and all of you. He is much harder to wean off a vent because of his graft versus host disease from the transplant (unlike Christopher Reeves). Any type of infection like pneumonia can likely start scarring and thickening his lungs which makes it much more difficult to wean him off the vent. I am praying for all of you, and praying for a miracle. Hug Michael and Christie for me and tell them to keep fighting. We missed you at the reunion.
Love, Lisa Michaux and family

June 30, 2009 6:21 PM


Thank you Lisa. I love you very much and I missed being at the reunion too.