Saturday, June 6, 2009


Wow I can not believe it is day 4 of my vacation.

Secret Nest: Well I found it. My girls are not too swift when it comes to picking alternative nest locations. Since I swiped all the eggs in the yucca nest, they moved locations. I found that they have been laying on the 3rd shelf of a book case I have in the garage...only that shelf has a slight tilt outward...when they lay an egg it rolls off onto the concrete floor. So I found what was left of two days worth of laying this morning and didn't have time to do anything about it. Maybe tomorrow.

I mowed grass for 3.5 hours along with raking leaves away from where they were piled against the fence and picked up dead oak limbs and piled them for pick up later...maybe tomorrow.

Yet to do: finish mowing...maybe 1.5 hours worth --DONE OUT OF DAY LIGHT
haul burn stuff (branches etc) to the burn pile
yes I still need to finish the front porch
clean and store the incubator
clean by the w side of the house
wash the outdoor throw rug

Big things for tomorrow: dig up the clothes line pole-(this is a big iron one)
dig new hole for clothes line pole
move the old burn barrel
kill wasps
finish cleaning kitchen
transplant tomatos from front yard to back yard

Now tomorrow I want to go get my grand kids and they can actually help me after I get the large clothes line pole dug and re-set and the wasps killed.

One one of my daughter's customers gave me 4 large zuchinni squashes. I will make and freeze squash casseroles tomorrow.



granny said...

We have just gone into winter here...yay !!less mowing!! I feel for you :0)


Granny, it still amazes me that seasons are oposite between us. i am glad you have less mowing (unless you view mowing as a mini vacation like I do) :)