Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, other than some swimming and playing with 4 grand babies, I got little done this weekend. I was planning on catching up this evening but I have a head ache.

I took the boys out for ice cream this evening and stopped by the feed store. I am so grateful that they are open on sundays. I bought 50# bags of chopped corn, complete rabbit food, oats and black oil sunflower seeds.

I mixed all of them together and the chickens are very grateful. The goonies will be too when they come back from the pond.

I took the kids on a ride in the trailer and we stopped on the hill by the pond and turned it off. As I watched the pond surface I started thinking we have fish in there but we never have had them before. I have come to the conclusion that what is rolling the surface is bull frog tadpoles. I remember seeing them dart to the surface last year and swim straight back down. Because these rolls are so large I bet that is what it is.

I tried to begin this weeks mowing but the sun was too bright and the sound of the tractor too much for my head.

I hate just sitting in the a/c and doing laundry but I guess that is ok.

As soon as the advil kicks in I will finish dishes. My wonderful daughter cleaned the kitchen and living room for me while I was off feeding horses.

I was undoubetly the most crabby person I knew EVER this weekend. My grandboys could not do anything right without getting in trouble.

When I got off of the tractor I saw my oldest was in his "going home" clothes and that made me sad. I asked him if he wanted to sit in the swing with me while he waited for his mom. He did.

I told him I was sorry I was so crabby. He very simply said "It's ok if you are crabby nanna." I asked if he would love me even if I am crabby and he said he would.

We ritualistically ate the first tomato shared between me and the two boys....daughter's comment? "Nope I'm good."

That was a wonderful tomato.

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Faith said...

Every once in a while I've got to apologize to Michael for being grumpy. It happens. ;)

Sounds like a nice weekend despite that, even. :)