Monday, June 15, 2009


I have to tell you that Pumpkins are my favorite thing to grow. They very showy with their wonderful giant yellow flowers and double dinner plate sized leaves. Next year, I am doubling my pumpkin patch but I am adding a soaker hose and mulch early.
Here is pumkin #1. I swear this thing has doubled in size just since the last good rain.

Here are two more.

My little chickens spent the night outside last night. The adult chickens love them and hang out with them all day long. I am sure they would eat them given the opportunity.

Here is the long view of the garden. The perimeter weeds serve a purpose. The wire is about 3-4 inches above the ground so I quit weed eating there so the weeds would block any nosy chickens.

I have a zuchinni! I thought I planted a hill but nothing happened!

Some of these tomatos will be ripe in just a few days.

This butternut squash will be ripe in about a week.

Every runner that strays outside of the wire fence area gets strung up on the fence. It is such a good squash year.

Ok so the sunflowers didn't make it to 6ft but they are pretty anyhow.

Look at the pretty canteloups. The bees are just buzzing all over them.

While standing in this garden I felt very at home. It doesn't matter that there are weeds or that all my tomato starts were eaten by my chickens today. I really like growing things.


Leslie said...

Your garden is lovely and is coming along so nicely.


Thank you Leslie. I love your picture!

Faith said...

Good job. I look at your pics and wonder, "Why are my plants so little?" LOL I am comforting myself by acknowledging zone differences, but it's not helping much. ;)

Looks wonderful! :)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

SO jealous of your melons....just can't seem to grow them here, tho Michigan does typically grow good ones. Very sandy soil here at the farmette...perhaps that is why.


Guys all I can say is FIND A RABBIT FARM AND GET THEM TO PUT YOU ON A REGULAR PICK UP SCHEDULE. I am telling you I believe the creator put something magical in those little droppings!!!