Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wow so little done and no energy left! Lots of laughs and lots of smiles though.

Here is a small thing: My 2 yr old granddaughter wanted to help me feed the chickens. I got a pitcher of mixed grain and before I started throwing it on the ground she asked me if she could touch it.

I bent down so she could put her hands into the grain and she dug her hands deep into it...and then with hands full and a huge smile on her face she examined each (seemingly) grain in her hands. After a few minutes she dumped them back and smiled and simply said, "Very nice Neena".

This time when I fed the chickens I took a moment to feel the grain in my hands. I had forgotten how interesting it felt.

We went to my sisters to swim, daughter brought one of her sons to swim too. The cousins love each other.

KK is always the princess, and a little lip gloss and shades really make her feel the part.

The wind was cool though and so was the water, so now and then we had to get out and warm up.

At the end of naptime, just before they woke up, I added warm water to my Burpee greenhouse. then I planted roma tomatos and the little seed packet of tomato seeds that were free from Campbell Soups this year. If these live, and I will try hard to make that happen, They will be planted in the fall garden sometime in July. By the time the cool weather begins that tomatos like to produce in the fall, they should be mature enough.

I got to shoot my new shotgun today. Two dogs showed up at the back fence. 1 warning shot was all it took. Had they acted cocky, they would have not gotten a second chance, they hauled hiney and never looked back.

Then I realized this is the perfect shot gun for me! No kick to speak of. Doesn't leave you deaf. Nice gun!!

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