Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well after the not so perfect start to my day, I got some things done.

1. First I drank coffee in my pj's until 11am!

2. Then I pulled my car out back, cleaned it out and vacumed it...the chickens made a huge mess

3. Went to visit my daughter at her new job...5 minutes down the road! What a commute.

4. Went to the post office to mail a book to someone on

4b. Washed my car....which made it rain 3 times today.

5. Paid the house payment.

6. Went to two banks.

7. Ran by work to get a photo of my horse...I may have a buyer.

8. Ran to the homebrew store for 2 gallon jugs to siphon my half done wine into.

9. Stopped at The Home Depot to kill some time and found two shades for the living room on clearance!

9b. Stopped at the store to get kosher salt to cure the homemade bacon I am starting tomorrow.

10. Met a woman who bought my 3 bags of clothes that I put on craigslist.

(ps...every dime I make selling stuff is going 100% to paying off my unsecured debt)

11. Drove back up to daughters work to give her the photo.

12. Came home and fed...didn't have to water....can't believe how much all those chickens used to go through.

13. Picked another squash.

14. Walked around the yard a bit and checked stuff out...enjoyed the cool evening

15. Washed dishes

16. moved the half done wine into the new gallon jugs

17. got the pork belly out to thaw

17b. Started a batch of homemade whole wheat bread

Still to do tonight.

18. Clean the living room.

19. tumble press all the wrinkled clothes and hang them up.

20. sort laundry to wash tomorrow

21. put up the new blinds (unless they take weird parts that I need to go back to homedepot for)

22. Put all the stuff I am trying to sell in one location

23. Listen to The Survival Podcast (and talk on the forum)

Ok so some of my major things didn't get done but I fit a lot in today. Tomorrow 2 grandbabies are coming to visit. I am taking them swimming to my sisters. Not sure how much I will get done but they are pretty wonderful kids and will enjoy helping with anything I do...just like a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old.


Faith said...

I like the term "tumble press". LOL I don't iron, I tumble press, too.



lol faith, my son was in basic training 1 year ago in August. All of the guys including the seargents were ironing like mad, which as you know sometimes you just have to do to keep that sharp crease. But for surprise inspectons he always won high awards and when his Sgt asked him how he did that so fast, he told him...word spread and soon all the boys and girls were tumble pressing...including the Sgt!!!