Saturday, October 31, 2009



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Acorns: Gods gift to the world

For centuries, the simple acorn has fed hungry people.

I got 5 pounds of acorns from a friends tree. Cracked about half, leached in water, then roughly ground them and lay them out to dry on a cookie sheet.

From here I will let my oldest grand son grind it into flour. First in the blender and then in the grain grinder.

Then we will make acorn bread.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have all 4 grand kids here and last night we carved pumpkins, cooked hotdogs over the fire and then after dark cooked smores.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


At least he is half listening in sunday school. I was taking my oldest (7) grand son home after he spent the night with me and he was talking about all kinds of things. Then he told me that one time a long time ago the world was covered with water. The plants in the ocean grew and died and grew and died and turned into dirt. Finally there was enough dirt that it was above the water and people could live on that dirt so God decided to make people. But he only made two and they didn't have any clothes on at all! Not even underwear.

Nanna: What were their names?
J: (after some thought) Josephy and Alexsis
Nanna: Wow really?
J: Yea but then they ate an apple and got kicked out

I really love my grand kids.

Also on that trip we decided to play a game and see if we could count all the fire ant hills between my house and his dad's house. Because of all the recent rain the ant hills are huge. We gave up at 200 and then passed two fields which had to have housed 200 each. We really have some problems here.

Hope you have many grand kids and no fire ants!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WET CAMPOUT: pictures are mixed up but you will get the idea

Holy cow what a wet week we have had.

First on Friday I showed up at my sister's home in the middle of a downpour which showed no signs of stopping. So we decided to go ahead and load up. It took us an hour and here is what sissy looked like when we got done.

Because it rained all the way down I didn't take a picture of the loaded truck but here is our campsite when we were unloaded. Pretty incredible right? Believe it or not we used most of what we brought.

Home sweet home.

Here is our first breakfast the next morning. Pork chops and eggs and toast with campfire coffee. That coffee was amazing.

Here is the pier where I fished and crabbed.

Here is our cooking set grill with cast iron cookware and my coffee pot. The fish holder on the little white table is an amazing asset. It holds not only fish but bread to make toast over the fire and veggies to grill.

Goose Island has a 1000 year old tree.

Here is my crab basket and my only catch of a silver fish of unk name and a puffer fish.

Therefore here is dinner....fresh gulf shrimp thanks to the local seafood market, grilled cheese filled portabella mushrooms, grilled Texas 10-15 onions, smoked sausage, green beans. It was very yummy.

This is one miserable boston terrier. He is not cut out for camping.

We had 12 hours of sunlight on the whole trip. We took the farrie over to Mustang Island and went to visit the state park there. Very beautiful.

And we found a pottery shop. We didn't have time to visit all the interesting shops though.

This is our friends dog Gotto. He was not miserable at all. Unlike Stuey, he loved camping.

But each night I got about 2 hours of sleep due to packs of racoons which would invade our camp and fight with each other and work on out camp boxes. They even climbed trees over my truck breaking branches and dropping them on the truck.

And you guessed it. Storms rolled in this morning which caused us to throw in the wet towel and pack up and come home a day early.

But it was a good adventure. I cooked campfire peach and blackberry cobler, we cooked all of our meals over the fire, we survived savage coons and non biting fish and tons of rain. We came out of it with a better understanding of our own likes and limitations. We will be jointly purchasing a camper with a working a/c and heater. We may have enjoyed this wet camping when we were young but now we like creature comforts that don't include looking eye to eye with a smiling racoon. I like the sound of rain on a tent, but would like the sound on a camper even more.

Then again....give me a beach condo!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am so excited. My daughter's new room mates own a landscape business and on the side take the wood they cut and split it and sell it for $75 per truck load! It is mixed wood but this first load is mostly oak.

I will have them bring me a truck load per month this winter and I will sell the extras in the city and deliver via Boo.

I am getting ready for vacation. My sister and I are travelling to S Texas to the coast and will spend almost a week fishing and crabbing in the ocean and cooking our catches over an open fire along with grilled veggies. Breakfasts won't be healthy but will probably be fire biscuts, bacon, fresh eggs and gravy, with of course camp fire coffee.

I am taking my dutch oven, my camp fire grill, my new coffee pot and a whole lot more. Two women going camping means we will need the truck!!