Friday, June 5, 2009


I can not believe it is day 3 of my vacation already! I slept in until 7:30 but the sun was so wonderful and bright and the birds were singing so loudly I could not stay in bed any longer.

Coffee is made and steaming in my cup. The chickens are out of the hen house and have had day old pancakes for breakfast. (how many chickens do you know who get pancakes for breakfast?)

I watched them for a moment and am very proud of Studmuffin. He is such a wonderful rooster. He loves his girls so much. And even though he is a liar (I have mentioned this before) he doesn't eat anything at all until all of his girls have eaten first. He will find the food, tell them it is there, then find another piece, and another until they have all eaten. Only then will he take a nibble but only after he has checked all around and up in the sky for preditors.

He is completly non agressive toward people. Although he growls at you when you are doing something he is not happy with.

The girls must have a new secret nest. I got NO eggs yesterday. Time for an easter egg hunt.

I just checked the grass and it is very wet this morning. So it will be more than an hour before I can mow. While I drink coffee I will balance my checkbook, clip coupons and compile a shopping list.

Last night I was sitting playing on the computer when the guineas from high up in their tree started a huge noise. I jumped up, grabbed the shot gun, put on my flip flops and ran out the door. I found nothing. The moon was very bright and it wasn't quite dark yet. I patroled the front and back of my house and the sides. Nothing.

Later I chuckled to myself. I hope my neighbors don't have blogs because I am sure I am on them. Here is the crazy lady in her short summer pink nightgown, tie died flip flops, hair in a braid, packing heat, with a look on her face that clearly says "I triple dog dari you to cross my fence line".

Ok the coupons won't clip themselves.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

LOL :) Great visual of you running out with the gun! Happy Vacation! :)

Faith said...

I have always believed that if you don't have enough land that you can run outside, completely naked, and have no fear of being seen, you don't have enough land.

Now don't shoot that pretty negligee full of shot holes, OK? LOL



lol. Mercy! Now that I am done laughing, I just had a visual of myself through other peoples eyes. I just got a call from all of my family in KY at our family reunion. They were getting ready to pull up my blog so everyone could sit around and read it. I may never live that one down at the next reunion!