Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was so excited to wake up this morning and had everyone alive and well. It is cool and cloudy today, the breeze is blowing lightly, and it is a perfect day for mowing....but I can't because my grand babies are coming over soon.

I woke this morning at 6:30am and instead of rolling back over, I decided to get up. I sorted some of the laundry since I had to walk on it to get to the kitchen. Then I went in to bake the bread. Well it won't look pretty because it rose in the night and fell so the top will be flat. But it smells wonderful.

As I was shelling the boiled eggs I saw something in the egg! I didn't explore further. I didn't want to freak out. They had been out in the heat for a few days so I didn't take the chance. I didn't want to waste all of that free protein. I don't want you guys to freak out but I knew the cats would eat only so much. I put the eggs, shell and all in the food processor, and I fed half to the chickens outside. The protein will be good for them and so will the calcium of the shells. Ground up and cooked, they won't cause the hens to eat their own eggs.
I saved half to give them tomorrow.

I can hear the 3 baby chickens in the kitchen learning how to "scratch for food". Does it ever amaze you that they do this on their own?

The pork belly is thawed. I cut it in half. One half is 8 pounds and the other is 5.5 pounds. (ok so not quite in half )
I mixed up a sugar cure of half sugar and half kosher salt.

I rubbed the cure all over the meat, front back and sides. Heavily. Wrapped it up in plastic and put it in the frig to cure for 1 week.

I got the recipe for this here but I will not use nitrates. I am sure they have their purpose but not in my food.

Now the bread is done, and I am sitting at my computer with a crunchy piece of homemade wheat bread and a wonderful jar of iced coffee.


Faith said...

What a wonderfully productive day already!

I've never made bacon, and it's sooooo good. Everything is better with bacon.

I wish I liked coffee, because it looks like you are enjoying that glassfull.

What did you do with all the dead chickens?



Faith I had to bag them and throw them in the trash. They were stiff and cold when I found them. I am still finding evidence of death all through my 3 acres. Took a ride on the tractor today and there were feathers all the way to the end of the property