Monday, June 8, 2009


Although I didn't get my porches cleaned, I got a lot of work done over the last 6 days. So just as in the beginning, I will take the remainder of my time at rest. (kind of)

I will set my alarm clock in the morning for 6:30 and get up and clean the kitchen and living room. By then it will be time to go pick up the grand kids who are coming to stay all day. I will cook them pancakes and then we will go to wally world to pick up KK a bathing suit, and then go to the spray park (if it is working). Then come back and nap and just hang out for the rest of the evening.

By the way it took me 6 hours total to mow this place. I will need to plan on staggering my mowing times. But tonight, during the time after the sun went down and the chickens and guineas were putting themselves to bed, I looked out over the field and it really was pretty. It was a wonderful cool evening even though it got really hot today.

My daughter who has been house sitting for my parents came by for dinner. I could not resist it and built another fire and cooked the last two steaks. She brought out Bandit and let him run around in the grass. She is for sure his momma. He kept coming back to her and "flying" up on her leg to be petted. (see the feathers in the grass behind her? this is everywhere in my whole 3 acres-evidence of the coyote raid)


Faith said...

You had a productive week. I hope even though you were busy, it was restful to you in every other way.



Faith it really was wonderful and refreshing. Thank you