Tuesday, June 23, 2009


On the way home I have to cross a mile long bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard going into Rockwall TX. It is very beautiful there. (for a city) There is a pretty movie theatre/shopping place with water falls overlooking the lake there.

That lake is beautiful (from afar) but when you look close at the shores you see trash, debris and places where kids have drug parties.

But from the bridge it looks like a fairie land. Today though, that part of the lake was full of sail boats. All the sails were over 2 stories tall and the sun was shining off of them as the cast about on the water.

It was great.

PS...I left a message for my loan company to call me tomorrow and take my pay off!


granny said...

What do you mean"take your pay off" ?

Peggy said...

Love your truck! sounds like you have a wonderful drive to and from work.


Granny, I meant I called them and asked them to call me and take my payment information on the phone so the pay off can be drawn from my account.

Thank you Peggy!!!! I love it too. It will be expensive but the pay off will be so much more. I would be able to buy what I want anywere and haul it home. If I had an emergency and had to evacuate or bug out, I would be able to carry with me much more than in the car. If i needed to I could sleep in it.