Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am sorry but I have to vent. During this 7 days my parents have been to our family reunion which I missed to stay home and be available to help my sister. During this time my daughter went and stayed at their home to take care of their 4 cats. 3 are indoor only. 1 is outdoor only.

I got a call from my sister this morning. She had gotten a bill for her son's stay at ICU and it was $675,000. Most of this was medication that he had been given. She was crying. Not because of the bill.

But because my mother, on her way home, was yelling at her (at my sister) because my daughter told them on the phone last night to pick up something for fleas on the way home as she had been eaten alive while in their home.

#1...why on earth would they torment my sister over something like that when she is driving to Baylor to watch her son get a chest tube?
#2...why on earth would fleas matter when your grandson may be dieing in the hospital?
#3...why on earth would fleas matter when your daughter just got a bill for over a half a million dollars for a hospital stay?

I don't want to live long enough to become my parents. I never want to live long enough to not care about anything but myself.


Faith said...

That was pretty clueless of them. Some people never learn to think past themselves. Sort of mental and emotional deficit.

I pray your sister is able to brush it off. That can be really hard because we rely on our parents to comfort us, not make it all harder.



today was the first day she voice her fears of the possibility that her son might not get better. this broke my heart to hear this

granny said...

I dont know how your medical system works...but how on earth could anyone pay that bill???Is that the norm over there??