Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well not a great way to start a vacation. I slept in til 8! Lazily got up and started making coffee. Looked out the window and saw a dead chicken in the back yard. Not just dead but feathers everywhere. I looked up and saw a yard full of dead chickens.

Last night my daughter came in around 9pm before going on to my parents. Just before she came in the gunieas from up in the pine tree started making that loud noise. Then daughter walked in and I thought how funny that was that they made noise this time and hadn't before.

At first I thought it was dogs because the chickens were left on the ground. But when I went out and counted, they only left 6 out of 33. This must have been the whole family pack.

Today I unlock my shot gun and load it. I will go to the store and get a wall mount gun rack.

They got none of my laying hens or my rooster. So I have 7 hens 1 rooster and the 3 baby chicks that are in the kitchen left.

Keeping it in perspective. 1. My daughter wasn't here to find them (that would have destroyed her) 2. My plans this morning were to give them all away on craigslist anyway so that she would not have to eat any of them. 3. Now I know that unless I am forced to, raising chickens for your own food (other than the eggs) is just not worth it. I will buy mine at Rehoboth Ranch and let them deal with it.

Currently drinking coffee and re-posting some items on craigslist. watching the hummingbirds eating at the feeder. Cloudy and warm and humid outside. I have a head ache. But by gosh I am on vacation.


Faith said...

Oh, wow!

Tracey, I'm so sorry! What a last couple of days you have had with those chickens!

Michael and I are trying to decided if we are ready to begin butchering chickens at this point in our lives. I think we are. It's not something I've like to do at all. When we butchered animals on our farm, all my life, I was the one who closed my eyes and plugged my ears. I hate that animals have to suffer.

But, I am ominousness, and I better learn to get over it.


Faith said...


I came to see if you responded, and saw what I typed...

What is that? Auto-pilot of the fingers???

Omnivorous - is what that was supposed to say. :)


lol. Faith before I read your second post i went to and could not find your new word for anything. That just cracks me up. So Ominousness means that while you are killing your chickens you will be doing it with your eyes closed??? lol