Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yep you read right. I am on vacation for 7 days. During that time I will be helping my sister by going over to her house and letting her dogs out....and of course floating in her pool while I am there. But I got home tonight before dark and the goonies and chickens were so happy to see me.

Everybody got fed and watered. I picked 3 squash from the garden!

And something weird (for me) happened. Last night I got to see a side of my daughter that I forgot about. When she was a little girl very little, she had a heart for animals. More so than other kids. I can tell you right now that I was not a good mother. Not at all. I was very lazy and very selfish. I wish I could say otherwise but it is true.

Because of this...#1 I missed out on enjoying a very wonderful little girl. #2 her heart got hurt a lot growing up and she got very good at covering up her hurt.

But last night I got to see part of the little girl I remember. I had to make her put down the half dead chicken and go in the house after 1/2 hour! She sat and petted it and dipped it's hot feet in cool water trying to bring it back...all the time crying her eyes out. Today she ran out to check on the rooster and it was alive and running about with it's buddy. She was so excited!!

Anyway...now that I am on vacation, it is time to catch up on things. I started 2 to-do lists. One for outside. One for non outside activities.

My daughter is house sitting for my parents so she will be gone all week. THE HOUSE IS MINE...I CAN RUN AROUND AND SCREAM MADLY IF I WANT. wahhhhahhhahhha!

Most important is I get to hopefully catch up on some time with grand kids and rest and relax.

Tonight I am playing online. I am going to saute the squash with fresh garlic from the garden, listen to the survival pod cast, and read the book I got from Paperbackswap.com. I got Land of Grass and Sky by Mary Taylor Young. I read only a few pages last night and I am hooked.

I will update often over the next 7 days. I am buying new batteries for the camera so I will want to share.

**UPDATE** HOLY COW I just ate the yellow saute squash in garlic olive oil...nothing else. I ate two and am full and it was so sweet it almost tasted sweetened.

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Faith said...

So glad the rooster came back from the brink!

I am also glad you and your daughter are working on restoration and building a relationship. We can't erase the past, but we can work now. It's a joy to see her and the kids in your photos - of which I am hoping to see more of this week.

What a great vacation!