Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok I hate the cold but this makes it a little tough to do stuff outside. But it does make drying clothes on the line as fast as in the dryer right?
I was reading Cold Antler Farm and she had a photo of her book shelf. She said that she read for a long time before actually moving out to her farm and buying livestock or planting a garden.

I sat on my bed and took a long look at my bookshelf. I lived in a camper for 2 years prior to buying this farm, saving every dime, so I would have a good downpayment. During that time, I was heart broken (which I won't go into) so my time was spent, crying and revising my dreams. That is when I started really frequenting Half Price Books. Here are some of the treasures I brought home...ones that kept me company at night.

This shelf has (among other things) my bibles, edible wild plants, gardening books, and above all, my journals from that 2 years in the camper.

This one has a basket of small pine cones my grand kids picked up for me, The Herb Book which I would recommend to anyone interested in growing herbs for food or for medicinal uses, my tattered and torn version of The Square Foot Garden...etc.

And the top shelf has Storeys Basic Country Skills, my Fox Fire Books, Living on an Acre, Stocking up, and the book that made me realize I could obtain homesteading anywhere-Extreme Simplicity.

Yes once you own a farm, reading time is at a premium and very precious. Many times when you stop moving, you fall asleep. But although I don't agree with 100% of the stuff in these books, each one has something that is helpful. And all were a very important step in preparation of moving out.

NOTE: the top shelf sports a bear sewn out of my parents wedding ring quilt made by my grandmother for their wedding present. In a little book hanging on a chain around his neck, is his story. The Browning Bear. This was a gift to me from my parents after they had outgrown their quilt.

As I turned to leave my bedroom, my eye caught my night stand. I laughed. I wonder what all of you have on your nightstand.

Here is mine. Lamp, clock radio (not used until Wed!), tums, spearmint linen spray, hair pics of all kinds including chop sticks, a perm marker (don't remember why that is there), my glasses (thought they were lost!) 20 guage shotgun shells (doesn't everyone have these handy?) on a drum covered by another quilt my mom gave me.

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Faith said...

Books! I tried to click to get a larger picture, but it has no link. I'm interested in that herb book.

2 years in a travel trailer; processing life, mourning, prioritizing, planning. Nice to know more about you. :)

On my old blog I used to do stuff like that. Pictures of the fridge, under the bed. LOL I'll have to post my nightstand. I never could do the chopstick thing.