Sunday, June 7, 2009


This morning began the same as all my vacation mornings have begun...looking into the starving blue eyes of my white cat Flash while he happy feets my arm. He becomes so grateful when I swing my legs over the edge of the bed. He knows he is first in line for food.

I fed cats and chickens and goonies.

Then drank a large cup of coffee while I tried to clear my eyes and lungs. Yesterday's hour mowing spree caught up to me.

By 8:30 I was ready to work. By 10:30 here is what I had gotten done:

*hung up a cool bird house (pic later)

*weedeated around the apple trees

*hauled 45 gallons of water to the apple trees and watered them

*hauled 30 gallons of water to the blueberries and watered them and the tomatos, sqush, pumpkins

*hauled the oak branches from yesterdays work under that tree over to the fire pit

*hauled the non oak branches to the burn pile

*hauled the piles of dead yucca from the front yard and the orchard to the burn pile...this took 3 trips with the wagon

*cut dead branches off of a scrub tree in the orchard and hauled to the burn pile.

*checked emails and re-posted my bed on craigs list

*ran my homemade laundry soap through the food processor to powder

Time for bruch at 10:30am. Iced tea, fresh eggs I picked up this morning poached in celtic sea salt water with pepper and a little butter on the toast.

I have got to tell you, working before you eat really makes food taste so good. I am so glad that no one was around so I could close my eyes and moan in delight. I don't think I have tasted anything so good.

I am getting ready to shower. Then will go let the dogs out at my sisters. Then go feed horses and goats. Then go back and swim a little and put the dogs up.

Then go home and as soon as I get home I will start a fire in the fire pit. Tonight I am cooking steaks and foil packets of potatos and onions over a mesquite fire with ice tea.

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Faith said...

Lots done! I make eggs in a hat for Michael all the time. :)