Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well I got tired of not getting any eggs. So I grounded them to the chicken house. Then I found the secret nest! It was so full that an egg had rolled out and I found it while doing trash patrol.

I mowed for 1.5 hours, and then planted 2 plants that were given to me at work. They are tropical and will die this winter but they are pretty. I will take pics tomorrow.

I also tied up the front tomato plants. Two are hanging with little grape tomatos. The others have little greens hanging. I bagged up some wire that I will try to sell as grade 2 copper.

While watering the garden I noticed something that very soon will cause me a problem. Pumpkins are not really a climbing vine. They like to travel along the ground. Well one of the travelling arms got tangled with a climbing yellow hubbard and up the garden fence it went. Now that arm has a baby on it. The fence is very shaky. I will have to add a post there but I am going to need to make a net hammock for the pumpkin to rest in while it grows. These pumpkins can reach more than 10-20 pounds! So the hammock has to be strong.

I like problems like that you know? Well I sat down at 8:45pm to check emails and blog and out of nowhere I got a back spasm. A bad one. It took my breath away. I was doing a lot of bent over work with the tomatos and planting tonight. I hope it is just sore.

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Faith said...

Ouch! I hope your back feels better soon. Those spasms really hurt.