Thursday, July 2, 2009


I worked 11.5 hours today. But I am off for 3 days. I was in rush hour traffic with everyone leaving the city for the holiday weekend. It took me about half again the time to get home.

But the grandboys were happy to see me. They wanted to fire off some more fireworks. And you won't believe what my city daughter was doing!

She had marinaded some of the home raised chickens all day in a sauce made with a secret recipe and pineapples. She was sitting by a fire burning in the fire pit, and she had my dutch oven on the coals and chicken grilling while she spooned the marinade over them. Large whole portabella mushrooms also grilled on the fire and some of the pineapples!

In the dutch oven was green beans cooked with my homemade bacon.

Inside there was hot buttered rice, sliced home grown tomatos sliced and iced tea.

I have got to tell you, I don't know if I have ever had such a wonderful meal.
While I was doing dishes, I got to watch one of the many lizards, eathing bugs on the window. You go boy!!!


granny said...

Any dinner that SOMEONE else has cooked is amazing!! Right?? Nice to know you are being looked after :0) Looks like a Gecko on the window?Well, thats what we call them,is that right?

Faith said...

It's been a busy week all the way around, I'm thinking. Have you got plans for today? :)


Granny I think you are right. Faith I hope you had a great weekend.