Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok I have started moving forward with my emergency preps. The power outage set me to thinking about what I would do if the power was out for weeks like some of my customers.

Sitting on my counter are two kerosene lamps with no kerosene in them. They need new tops. My battery was decharged on my flash light. I was lucky I had a candle sitting on the counter and knew in the dark where the matches were.

I could not see my hand in front of my face!

So here are some things I bought with this weeks paycheck:

Handcrank radio-w/cell phone charger and weather radio

Peggy Layton's Emergency food storage & survival handbook

Water safety test kit--this is very cool

Extra wicks for the hurricane lamps

Solar battery Charger

For the Storm Box

hand crank am/fm weather radio that also has a cell phone charger

new flash light and batteries. What I plan on having in it also is - matches in a zip lock, playing cards, hard candy.

Bug out bag 1: This is my back pack which will be packed and ready in case we need for some reason to leave quickly. It will be kept in a safe place in the house. It will be with my firebox so that I can grab both quickly. It will hold 3 days of supplies...clothes, bath supplies, etc.

Bug out bag 2: this will hold 3 days of belongings and bath supplies for my daughter. She will have to pack this for herself.

But out bag 3: this is 3 days supplies and clothes for my grand children. I make this seperate because they are not always here.

Bug out box: This will carry more extensive camping/survival stuff. This will be if we need to be gone longer or won't be able to go somewhere where we would have to sleep outside.

So here are some things I would like to get done this weekend:

Chore #1: Fill all three kerosene lamps and place one on the wood stove, 2 in the kitchen on top of the the shelves.

Chore #2: Put together the storm box....mark the box on the top shelf with the lamps in the kitchen

Chore #3: Begin to pack Bug Out Bag #1.

Fun things: walk down the street with J and D to the neighbors garage sale

mow - grass is starting to go dormant due to the 100+ heat

sort through the papers that came from the old car

water the garden

Have to go to work tomorrow after noon but hopefully only for a few hours.

Tomorrow is KK's 2nd birthday. Her party is Sunday. I am buying her some tools of her own. Hopefully pink tools.


Faith said...

Nice work.

I would love to have hand crank EVERYthing.

You make me want to get out my old kerosene lamps. I used to use them all the time, but they've been put away for a while.



Faith it might be a good idea to fill them and have them ready in case you have a storm and the power goes out. I didn't have any. so I have to go and get them. I love the cute little metal ones from Wally World. for under $5 they are great. I can hang them outside and they are always ready. I won't say that they are better than using electricity because they use kerosene, but I like the soft light they produce and the movement of the flame.