Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ok you all know I have a GIANT bed. I decided to put my tiny little 2 yr old granddaughter in bed with me to sleep last night. You guessed it. I had feet in my face all night long. And holy cow she is a heat generator!!!!

Here is my experiment of the day. I have been wanting to make a Solar Oven for a while. I will need a more insulated one for winter but I figure since it will be over 100 today this one should work just fine.

I will be baking squash casserole.

Update on my nephew. Did I tell you he has pneumonia again? He isn't feeling good at all as of yesterday. They are going to have to start him all over again trying to get him off of the ventilator.


Faith said...

You are trying so many things I've wanted to try. Let us know how the solar cooker works out.

I'm so sorry about your nephew. I am praying.



Well it worked sorry. I will try again with a sun shade instead. This kept falling apart and the foil kept blowing away!