Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Must be Wed right? I remember I was off work sick on Monday, then had a 13.75 hour day the next day plus the 2 hour commute and today was 12.5 plus the commute and tomorrow will probably be the same. No more sick days!!

Ok let me get caught up. The "goonies" I guess have decided this is home and when I get out of the car they come running to me talking. This is very cute since they are terribly homely. I had a little daylight left tonight so I threw out some scratch, corn and sunflower seeds for them, then took a bucket and shovel to the compost pile and took 2 5 gallon buckets full of finished compost and mulched the tomatos. I wish I had had my camera. Saturday I will take some daylight pics.

I have yellow squash!!! Ok only 1. I tell you if the shtf and I am 100% dependent on my garden....I will be skinny. I also have A tomato. But the pumpkin patch is HUGE and very beautiful. The zuchinni looks like it is dieing, the soy beans look sick, the butternut squash are finally sending out runners...reluctantly. and the 1 cantelope plant is sending out runners. I have so much empty garden that needs planting. Saturday that is what I will do.

After that, I sat on the swing and talked to a friend on the phone until I was totally dark. I had eaten lunch today at 11am and by then it was 9:15 and I was kind hungry but didn't want to eat much. I looked in the frig and there were my dill pickled eggs! I also had wheat saltines. So I used a shredder and shredded the eggs, added mayo and pepper and made egg salad. OMGoodness if you have never done this please do. It is unbelievable. Ok I might be biased and really hungry but really, it is good.

I hold in my hand a dvd that came in the mail from the Hunt County Ag Extention office. I had inquired about a small farm owners class they were giving but ended up not being able to make it. The girl remembered I was interested and actually sent me a dvd of the meeting. How cool is that?

Another thing...while in the car today I was listening to KRLD 1080 am in Dallas to the Ernie and Jay Midday show...I think. Holy Cow they had a show on credit card debt and what this bill is that our new prez is trying to pass and what it will do to people who do the right thing with their cards like paying them off each month and things like that. Did you know your credit card company thinks you are a low life when you use your card and pay it off each month?

It was a great show and I plan on going online to see if it is archived and listen to the whole thing.

Ok gotta go listen to The Survival Podcast and go to bed. It is a nightly ritual now.


Faith said...

There you are! I wondered when you'd be back, figured you were very busy or just taking a well-deserved break.

I saw you had put a lot of chicken manure in your beds. I could not tell how much other things you added. Could your beds be too rich?

I'm having the opposite trouble, not enough nitrogen, so I'm watching things green up as I fertilize them.

I am looking forward to the pics of your produce. I don't even HAVE my winter squashes planted yet. YIKES! Still waiting for that corn.

Yeah, lots of scary things coming out these days, politically. Weird times. Never heard of Survival Podcast, though.


Hi Faith, Yes I agree with you. all the manure I put in the bed was aged but maybe not enough.