Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok the emergency fence is working great around the garden. The chickens are very happy being able to be loose and eat grass, bugs etc. Sure wish they ate fire ants though.

The peas will be pulled this weekend. It was a bad pea year. Big plants and stunted peas.

But growing in and around the peas are lambs quarters. If I had not just read an article on these weeds, I would have pulled them up. But because of the article with good photos I knew it was a very edible wild plant. So I reached down and plucked a leaf and ate it. Pesticide free. And it was actually as good or better than spinach.

So I left them growing. Here are some facts about lambs quarters:

1. they can be eaten raw or cooked
2. foliage that is white looking is young
3. it grows in places that I have struggled to get something to grow

Therefore I will try to gather seeds and will intentionally cultivate this plant for the purpose of freezing and stocking up.

Do your research and try it. Make sure of what you are eating before you eat it. It is very tasty.

Here are some photos.

Also, while I was reading info on lambs quarters, I found a note on Yarrow. I believe I might have this in my orchard. As I was running over it with my lawnmower I thought to myself...gee that is really pretty. Maybe I will transplant that into some pots and see how it grows. I have pots, and I have potting soil. As soon as it drys out a little and before I mow again...I am going out to dig up some plants.

I also have plantain which is not only edible but the seeds when ground can be used as a substitue for eggs (don't know yet how this is done but will find out) but also the root can be toasted and ground into a coffee substitute.

I have cleavers which has medicinal value, I have cactus which is edible raw or cooked. It is a pain to remove the spines though. Burning them off sounds easy but trust me it is not. I will try to grill them over a flame to see if this works. I also want to try to freeze them.

I also believe I have mullein; I will have to research this to make sure there are no look alike poison plants and I can't see how something that fuzzy could taste good either but it is there.

I believe I am living on a gold mine. I will be gathering dandelion seeds before I mow also. I will intentionally plant these in my garden. Leaves, roots and flowers are all edible. I really want to make some homemade dandelion wine also.

Time to buy a new vacume sealer though. Mine bit the dust. And I use it way too much these days.


Leslie said...

I like to eat cactus too but it is a pain to prepare (literally). I never had any luck burning off the needles. I use a sharp paring knife and a whittling motion to get the needles off one by one. I'd like to hear how freezing them works.

Faith said...

I've harvested lamb's quarters as well. And purslane. And a friend just shared with me again about poke salad, but I'm not too keen on trying that one.