Sunday, May 3, 2009


What a great day. 4 grandkids visiting. Last night only two were here and we went out to look at the flooding in between storms. The neighbors got hit pretty bad. Water was rushing over the road into their field. We had to walk into the rushing water. It was quite an adventure for two boys who had hard holds on their Nanna's hand. We also found a crawdad.

I found one of my missing hubcaps!

Today the other two came over. They are in town for the next 5 weeks!!

They love their cousins so much.

KK loves to give her big cousin JJ big hugs...he is tough though. He can take it.

They all shared happy meals together.

Here they are showing you can see KK wants to see what is cooking.

KK loves playing with Aunt He He.

Then almost all of them wanted to help put the eggs in the incubator.

There are 17 green eggs, 11 brown/pink eggs ( I can't tell the difference), and one odd ball white egg that I really hope hatches. 5/24/09 is hatching day, 5/11/09 and 5/17/09 are candling days.

5/24/09 seens like such a long time away. Are they done yet?


Leslie said...

Looks like you had so much fun with your grand kids. The amount of rain you have been having is insane and here in California I pray for some rain. Look forward to seeing the eggs hatch.


Thank you Leslie! We did have a lot of fun even though I hate mud.

Patrice Farmer said...

Wow, Tracy. I hope you hatch out all of them. Thats nice that you got to see all of your grandkids.


I hope so too patrice. I will track what percent hatch. It should be interesting. And yes it was fun. I can't believe how much the grands from NC have grown.