Monday, May 25, 2009


I am working outside and as I think of things to add I will so I won't forget.

First and foremost thank you to all military men and women who put up with the military lifestyle to support your families and to protect our freedom and help others obtain that freedom. Thank you also to the families of fallen soldiers. They gave the ultimate sacrifice.

1. Only 4 out of all those eggs began to hatch. It has been 12 hours and they are still not out of their shells.

2. First thing this morning I was loading my car with books and came out the front door and suddenly the goonies began to put up a huge noise unlike anything I have ever heard from them. I walked around the side of the house and standing just on the other side of the fence was a huge coyote. He saw me and didn't move, he was focused on the goonies who were running madly in irratic circles making a noise that hurt even my ears. While he was focused on them, the two cows that had been standing behind him had had enough and charged him and chased him all the way out of their field. Then they came running back with their tails straight up in the air bucking and snorting.

3. I piled all the boxes out on the burn pile and soaked them in kerosene. I lit the first match, touched it to the first box, it burst into flames and then suddenly the wind switched directions and went straight for my house. It filled the house with smoke since all the windows were open.

4. My arms ache bad. I am still not done. I cleaned off a tent I found in the storagae boxes and put it in my bug out box.

5. I raked up all the charcoal that Had spilled from it's bag and put it in an alternative container.

6. I tried to stack neatly the things that will stay on the porch. My dad will have to come fix the cradle. I need chairs and table.

7. I rolled up the large tarps that had covered the trailer full of my stuff and put it in my car. i will take it back when I feed horses.

8. getting ready to take a shower and run by and visit my nephew, then to half price, then to feed horses, and then you know what? I might sneak over and see Terminator!!!

9. Last one of the day but the biggest one: Ok let it be said that chickens around the world call my daughter Saint. How many time in her life she has saved the lives of chickens. Ok everything I read said 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch. DON'T BELIEVE IT. Today was day 22 and there was only 4 chicks trying to peck out of the eggs. I could smell rotten egg so I knew I had to get the rest of the eggs out. I put them in a bowl and figured I would throw them away tonight when I got home. So I did the things I said I would and just got home to find....6 chicks in the incubator and 4 more eggs with holes and beaks sticking out. 21 days my ear. Just then I got a text from daughter asking me what I was doing pulling the poor chicks out of the incubator to hatch in a bowl on the counter.

I think I will stick to raising fruit trees.


Faith said...

Yeah the 21 days is approximate. Mine took a little longer, but I had a bad hatch too, due to a day that I lost control of the temperature. I hope yours are fine.

Those guineas are great! And such teamwork from the animals! LOL

I like Terminator, 2 is my favorite. You got a lot done. :) I am hoping to get the chance soon to ask my dad what those items are that you posted pics of.



Thank you Faith. I packed them up in the garage box just because I want to be sure.

One of the books I read said never never help a chick out of the egg. if they don't hatch themselves let them die because something is wrong.
We proved that right. 8 hatched...4 on their own and by today those 4 are the only ones alive i am sorry to say. My daughter is in mourning. She even sat and wiped their little beaks with wet paper towels. She has way too soft of a heart.