Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have said it before and will say it again. I hate mud. And at this point I hate rain too. I know how important it is. But enough is enough.

But as any one will tell you, kids can make a game out of any situation. Since it was raining all day their swimming was cancelled so they made their own fun.

We sent them out protected from the rain.

And they adapted.

The sun is out today but it will take days to dryout enough to even mow the grass. I really have to work in the garden and get some hay up to mulch around the pumpkin patch.

Also the lid blew off of the container that I used to store the newspaper for mulch and it was filled with rain water. This means I have to use it today...all of it to mulch before it disolves.

A few days ago I introduced you to a new kitty in the family...we have named him Baby from the feline in Jean Auel's Earth Children books.

Well now look who showed up. We have named her Smokey because of her color. She is one of the sweetest cats I have met right along wth Baby. She looks at you as if she loves you very very much. Unfortunatly She is very pregnanat. I guess we will have babies here pretty soon.

Starting to work my way through the stuff on the porch. My hands are dry from washing. But I found a treasure trove of canning jars and also my water bath canner.


Faith said...

So pretty. Looks so green, and warm there as well. Today we are cloudy and only getting into the 60's.

If you can't get to using all the paper, you could try setting it out, a few papers at a time in the air to dry.

Kittens! Cute, but then you have to find homes. LOL Still, they are adorable. :)

You can never have too many jars. They are perfect for everything.


interimjustia said...

The chickens caught my eye there something
lite hearted and intresting to see online.More people should look at this kind of stuff