Saturday, May 23, 2009


To tackle the job I decided I needed to see what I had. So I decided to start piles and just get everything out of the boxes and drums. I started at 1pm after I got back from Rehoboth Ranch and it is now 4:37pm. Just to get the stuff out of the containers.

Garden pics first. Here on the right..dark my pumpkin patch. It is thriving so far and there are the first male flowers starting to open.

Here the lighter green on the left is yellow summer squash with the two tomatos in the background. They are doing so well I will probably start some seeds in the summer for a fall crop. I have now 9 tomatos on the plant on the right.

See the sun flowers growing along the fence? They are supposed to grow 6 ft tall.
My battery died at this point since I took pics of the storage stuff first.

Here is Bobby's hat. He was the first boy I ever really liked. Ok I am a pack rat.

Does anyone know what these are? I don't want to throw them or give them if it is something I will use.

This pile is a give away pile. Will try Craigs list first and then off to Salvation Army it goes.

I unloaded the tool box that a guy in my past gave me and I had forgotten how many cool tools it has. I have to get my tools organized and put in waterproof containers.

I am going to use the wooden tool box he gave them to me in by the firplace to store fire starter. I also found sand paper so I am going to sand it down and stain it first.

Here is the beginnings of my "Bug out Box". It has a camp shower, fire starter, two tree steps, and one fishing kit in a can.

Portable grill.

A basket full of cute little decorative stuff. A jar of sand and two lamps that need shades.
I forgot I had this. It is a garden bag. It holds all of my garden tools, and gloves etc. I can carry it easily and hang it when I am done.

An old blender. I will use this to powder my dry laundry soap.

A pile of "garage"stuff.
Two very cool leather pillows.
One ugly quilt.
A full sized comforter sheet set with cool pillows and a cool spiderman blaket.
And a cool cap gun.
Out of time. Gonna eat and go feed horses.


Faith said...

Your garden is so far ahead of mine. It looks great. My pumpkins are about 2 inches tall, still unsprouted, or haven't even been put in the ground yet!

I love having a peek into your boxes and bags, feels like I'm there. Those gadgets look very familiar, but I can't think what they are.

Have you told Bobby you still have his hat?



Mercy no. Who knows where Bobby is these days. That was in OH in 1976 or wonder what he would think of me these days. Last time I talked to him I was married and had two kids and that was in the early 90's.