Saturday, May 16, 2009


I couldn't sleep last night and turned on the tv at about 3am and found the weather on. When I saw the radar I knew why. I really need to watch the weather better when I make my lists.

It was raining while I drank coffee and fed and watered the chickens.

It stopped for a while so I unloaded the trailer with all of my belongings. Holy cow there are a lot of them. I found some white thick soft strings and used them to tie up the tomatos. I also got the tomatos pruned and cut the cilantro and brought it in to the frig. It started pouring the rain in the middle of working on the tomatos.

I had 1 tomato out front that I had to tie up with was fun since I don't have a gutter.

I weeded most of 1 of the raised garden beds. 4, 5, 7, and 8 need to wait until tomorrow. Since I have so much washing to do I think I will wait until tomorrow to go to work. All of my belongings need to be sorted, cleaned, and either stored or put in a pile to advertise on craigs list. A lot will need to go.


Faith said...

Today is my one day off. So I am going through your blog and finding we have much in common! :)

Glad to have found your blog and am going to enjoy our side-by-side journey of making it on our own and not being afraid to try stuff.

I'll try not to post too many comments... But I can relate to pretty much all of your posts. LOL



Faith I can't wait to get caught up on your blog. I agree. Your weather sounds similar to mine. I am in zone 8 are you too?

What did people do without blogs. How on earth did people like us find others of similar minds to talk to? I am glad you are here.

Patrice Farmer said...

I have to do the same thing. I need to start placing our stuff on Craigslist. Hope the storms pass quickly for ya'll.

granny said...

Im a great list writer too!!Doesnt always go to plan with me either,no matter, there's always tomorrow :0)

Faith said...

No, I'm zone 6b. Just had to replant melons last night, because I think we planted them too soon. And we get 45 inches of rain a year. I gather you are in a dry zone? Looks more like my native CA.


Well normally we are dry. The last few months makes me wonder if this will be the new rain forest.