Monday, May 18, 2009


Did I catch something while unpacking? Maybe allergies due to all the dust?

Well I am still working through the boxes. Here is what I have found so far.

A copper tea kettle. This will come in very handy especially in the winter.

A Sears scale! I am so excited I still have this. I always need to measure stuff when canning or making wine. I tested it and it is accurate.

A back to basics wheat grinder. This puppy works really really great. I can't wait to make some homemade whole wheat bread.

An old cookie press that I bought at a garage sale for $1.

The book for my pressure cooker.

My mixing bowl!!!! I am so excited. I just said to myself yesterday that I don't have a big bowl.

a coffee can of silverware. Not sure I need this but what the heck. I am always throwing away forks and spoons.

3 more ice match the two in the back that we never refill.

My bible! Why the heck was it in storage?

2 hammocks...1 single and 1 double.


Faith said...

Those are some awesome finds!

Kind of like Christmas in May. :)

I love that bowl. AND that grinder. I really want a grinder so I can make my own bread.


Peggy said...

That really was a treasure trove! It is amazing what we can forget when it is out of sight! I can see why you get discouraged from time to time, you have to do so much and go to work as well.The boys are growing and will soon be able to help with chores but I think you would regret it if you sell and move.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Yes, definitely like Christmas in May...I was feeling your excitement just seeing the pictures! :) Great stuff!


Faith that combo...that grinder and that bowl are the best for making home made bread. Peggy I know I would especially since land is going to keep getting more expensive. Anything at all close to town will be unafordable. I think it is that I don't have someone to do chores with me. someone working toward a goal with me. does that make sense? It is almost like it isn't even worth it. The grand kids will grow up and have their own lives and who knows if they will even come to visit. (yep I am feeling sorry for myself)

Thanks for the comments Jennifer.

Faith said...

I understand exactly what you are saying in your reply to Peggy. (((hug)))

I often feel lonely, especially with my older three children not in my life, my husband gone. I often wonder what will happen when Michael grows and it is just me. It makes me sad to think of it.

For now, he is here. I will not wait and worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worries of it's own. And what would I do in town? I would miss the air, the open fields, the owls, the quiet...

I look at my life as a service to God and others, and attempting to allow Him to use me where He would. So this is part of the adventure. Waiting to see what will come, and being industrious along the way.

Your blog is a blessing to me as an encouragement of a fellow traveler. :)