Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok I am going to bed early tonight because tomorrow will be a busy day. Here is my to do list.

1.get up at 6 and drink coffee
1a. feed and water the chickens
2. unload the trailer that is in the driveway holding all my belongings from storage
3. weed the garden, weed eat the garden, tie up the tomatos and prune them
4. mulch the blueberries with compost.
5. mulch the apples deeply with compost
6. check the pot grown beans and start training them onto the fence
7. weed eat the front yard
8. mow the front yard...and as much as I have time for
9. go to work--drop off eggs to my parents on the way
10. feed horses after work and pick another 10-20 pounds of peaches while the horses are eating. ( I will have to freeze these quick or they will spoil...they are ripe)
11. go to a 60th anniversary party for my nephews grand parents

I am tired already. Sunday is my "off" day. I hope to get the other two grand kids over for a while but also want to finish mowing and maybe rake up the oak leaves in the front of the property and use the leaf vacume chopper thing I found in my belongings and after they are chopped make a special compost pile with them to make leaf mold.

I will also replant my raised bed on sunday. I want to plant green beans, some more soy beans and maybe another cantelope. I also would like to start some gourds for fall decoration and maybe a loufa plant. I love loufas. They make great shower thingys.

Ok here is an off the wall thought. I was reading a soap making website and was wondering if you grow loufa, then dry it, and then cut it in slices, why could you not drop these into a mold and pour your soap on top of it and let it set up. You would have a wonderful soap that scrubs and exfoliates at the same time. I will have to remember to ask Peggy. I may have to experiment in the fall.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Faith said...

Funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing with luffa this year. I don't see why it would not work. :)

I was blown away by you talking about going and picking peaches! So I had to look and see where you were. Of course. But still, peaches this early! Amazing. And great!



Welcome faith. These land owners have two trees. One must be an early variety. It always ripens in May. The other closter to the end of june but that one doesn't have the volume or the sweetness.

Faith said...

I am a list person myself. I hope to see pictures of your projects as you do them. I love our 6 fig trees. Not a fan of dried figs, but I'll eat the fresh all day long. We have a lot of similar projects going on. But can you believe, I've been too busy this year to even MAKE a list? LOL

I replied to your comment, but wanted to thank you for the potato box tip, in case you missed it. :)


Rita said...

I have heard of the loofa and the soap being poured on it. I think down to earth does this. Great Fun!
What a nice gift.

Faith said...

I did it. I read them all. LOL

Boy, we have so much in common we are doing, I am looking forward to sharing what we know with one another and spurring each other on with ideas and laughter!

Now I have a good idea of what is going on at your place, your projects and plans. Is your name Tracy? LOL

May the Lord bless you!