Sunday, May 24, 2009


The pile of free stuff is covered with a tarp because it is raining right now. I swear I can't get a break.

This morning was kind of nice. I posted lots of stuff on Craigslist including my bed! I hope it sells and I get enough out of it to at least pay off the mattress. Here is what it looks like in case you forgot.

I made coffee and started laundry. Still working on that. Yesterday I strung 1 single clothes line and was going to use that but the weather won't co-operate.

I have about 5 loads to do.

Last night I cleaned the kitchen but today I strained the homemade peach wine and that is always a messy sticky job. So I had to clean it again and sweep and mop when I got done.

I will post pics on Monday or Tue of this stage of the homemade wine. This is my favorite. It is when you add it to 1 gallon jugs with an airlock on each and watch it fizz.

I put the tops on the tool container, the garage stuff container, the Bug Out Box and moved all to the garage. It still looks messy outside. But will look better once I move all the trash to the burn pile and light it.

I am not good with taking assorted stuff and decorating with it and making it look good. But I will try to use what I have to decoate the front porch. I have an old cradle which i was going to sell but I think I will put it on the front porch and hang the old ugly quilt over it and inside put an old gourd I have which I will fill with potting soil and add some colorful flowers. I also have the 3 old irons which I want to use. At the end of my porch I want a table to set up that portable grill so I can grill under cover.
I still need to move the 2 5 gallon buckets of kilz to the garage and sweep.
Last night before I went to bed I went through a huge bag of photos I found. I only kept a fraction of them. I will use those to make a family memory wall in the hall.
I took the duplicates and gave those to my daughter.
The rest I threw away. That was so hard but I did it. I kept the really good ones but they won't be in a closet..they will be out on a wall.
I piled all the old books I don't want and am taking them to Half Price Books on Monday. I tried Paperback Swap but by the time I shipped all of them out I would be out close to 300! And I wasn't getting the points I was promised when I mailed books to people. So off they go to HPB.
Another thing I have for sale is some scrap book stamps and large scrap book catalogs that I bought from Stampin Up. There are 100's of ideas in those books. I am trying to sell those for 10.

I just sold the remote control cars I bought the grandboys for christmas. They are too young for them. I made $100

Well the rain stopped and the sun came out and now it is 500 degrees and 100% humidity! lol


Peggy said...

you are selling your bed???? you just bought it and it is beautiful! Wish I lived closer. LOL


I know I hate it but you know what? I was looking at old pictures of my full sized bed and I want that back. I will never buy a bed without measuring well.

Faith said...

WOW! Your bed! I would love a king size, but with a small room, a full size does really help.

I'm tall, 5 foot 8, so my toes hand off the end. LOL Queen for me.

I am impressed that you tossed out photos! I should do that, but I got so good at throwing away other things... I can't imagine throwing away photos. Still, I HAVE deleted some digitals... that's pretty good for me. :)