Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is 66 degrees according to but I can promise you it is more likely in the 50's out. What happened to summer? Ok I have to admit last night was miserable. I was tempted to turn on the ac just long enough to cool off the house. This is nice but I know it will be hot again soon and we just can't get used to it this way.

I went out to pick up eggs this morning because I wanted them for breakfast and I had boiled all of mine for pickled eggs yesterday. There were two hens in nest boxes. An auracana and the little yellow mutt with the fancy hair. I hated to bother them but I could see eggs sticking out. So I very slowly moved to them and reached first under the mutt. Ok Peggy, she would have made Killer proud. She growled pecked and then grabbed me and didn't let go and kept twisting back and forth. Well I got my eggs anyway. The auracana didn't blink when I took hers. I came in with 6 pretty eggs. Some went in the frig, some in the fry pan....and a bandaid on the hand!

I was very blessed today. Last night the owner of the farm where I keep my horse called to tell me to bring a bucket when I come because her peach tree was full and getting ripe and I could have all I wanted.

Most were still hard but I picked everyone that was slightly soft. Tomorrow afternoon I will find my water bath canner and I will finish my pickled eggs and also will peel and can the peaches.

The next batch I hope to have a new vacume sealer and will freeze them. If there are any more, I will make a batch of peach jalepano relish that is very good on any kind of meat.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Yum...peaches! :) And bad chicken...bad, bad! No biting! I am making a mental note...wear gloves while collecting chicken eggs. ;)

Patrice Farmer said...

Oh, those painful pecks!!! And good deal on the peaches. Good for you, Tracy.


Jennifer, one of my scariest memories as a child was granny making me get eggs out from under mean hens. Faster than lightning they were. and as big as me. Patrice you are sure right about that. I was proud of her though for defending her nest. If she goes broody she should be a good momma