Friday, May 22, 2009


Just a quick note. It got worse after wed. Thu I worked so long I stayed in town and got a hotel room next to work. I just could not drive home. Then today I worked 15 hours but just had to come home. I may have to do a couple of hours either Sat or Sunday but that is it! I need this weekend.

Faith showed us her list. I LOVE it. I love seeing all those blue marks. What a success.

I am not making my weekend list until the stuff on my front porch is gone. I bought 4 Rubbermaid boxes and I am on a mission.

First thing tomorrow though I will be going to get meat out at Rehoboth Ranch. One of the things I am buying is a whole pork belly. I am making homemade bacon. More on that later though.


granny said...

Im thinking you work too much!Stop and smell the roses...take care,enjoy life :0)


i wish granny. i wish

Faith said...

I hope you are sleeping well and getting caught up. You need a quiet and peaceful day. (((Hug)))

So glad you've got your animals set up that you were able to come home without planning. That makes things a lot easier.

One of the tough things about a farm is that you have to be there to care for the animals. Growing up, we never went anywhere. The cow had to be milked. Well, my dad was a stickler for every 12 hours on the nose and stripping her out completely. That cow gave 8 gallons a day!

That list was last year's, and we did get everything crossed off. I am looking forward to this year's list of big stuff. It should be smaller. :)



Thank you Faith for the hugs and encouragement. Tonight and tomorrow night are my sleep catch up nights I think. I sleep better when I have accomplished something...that is todays goal.