Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow work was killer. Huge storms in IL, MO, TN....doing claims for 9 companies! AND A COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT WAS LAGGING! My brain really hurts.

Got home at around 6:30pm. Walked from the car to the meat beasties pen, filled the foods..daughter had filled the waters. Then when I came back in I got really depressed. The house was really dirty.

I have had something better to do than housecleaning everyday for the last two weeks. When I shut the bathroom door I didn't find dust bunnies....I found dust dinosaurs!

So I got out the scrubbing bubbles, the pine sol, and the Murphys Oil Soap, the broom, the dust pan and a rag and scrub brush and started to clean. Ok I might have gone overboard. I found out that the INSIDE of the toilet tank was dirty and had to scrub it with pine sol.

I swept up kitty hair and dust dinos, and then took hot pinesol water and scrubbed baseboards and the edges of along the floor, washed the woodwork with the oil soap and the bathtub with scrubbing bubbles, and finally the floor. I even dusted the ceiling and walls.

Came in and cleaned the kitchen...not quite so good but still good...and the living room. Vacumed and am on the second load of laundry. I was going to clean my room but decided against it. Just nothing left.

I did see something cool tonight though. Between the bathroom and the kitchen cleaning, I sat down and it was starting to get dark. No lights on in the house...not totally dark outside. I was talking on the phone. A hummingbird came to the feeder outside and then saw my white cat flash and wanted to see what he was...he came right up to the window where Flash sat and just hovered and looked at him. It was very cool.

Also...I will take pics tomorrow of the garden. I walked past it tonight and could not believe how HUGE the pumpkins are and the zuchinnis. I really need to treat for stink bugs. I also need to haul up some old hay and mulch heavily around it so the pumpkins have something nice to sit on. So I feel good about the inside work tonight. Tomorrow is garden work.

UPDATE ON MY NEPHEW: Ok sister hasn't fired the doctor who put him on the ventilator. He is excessively gloom and doom and seldom orders anything that might work him toward becoming stronger and getting off. So my sister went to a rehab hospital next to Baylor today and they came and assessed my nephew and she may know tomorrow if they will take him. Please pray. They have a great success rate of getting people off of ventilators.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

First, prayers for your nephew and sister. :) Second, what a busy day! I hope you get a good night's sleep. That is so cool about the kitty and hummingbird. I adore the humming birds. Watching them guard the feeders and chase off other humming birds is better than anything on TV. Or maybe I am just easily entertained. ;) What do you use on your zuccini and pumpkins to get rid of stink bugs?

ChristyACB said...

My good thoughts are with your family. I really am surprised that his doctors aren't being more aggressive with this, they sure were with me and told me to "suck it up and get with the program" when I flailed. LOL. Seriously, that's exactly what he said.

How do you treat for stink bugs?


Thank you Jennifer for the prayers. they really need it. I usually use 7 dust. after a 15 hour day at work I got lazy and stopped and got liquid 7. It isn't organic but isn't highly toxic either. But in 1 day from yesterday to today, one of the zuchinni is looking very bad. Sorry stink bugs. I sprayed them but if you wait until you see damage it is too late.


Christy, I wish they would. Dr Death acts as if he wants my nephew to die. we hate him so very badly and i wish she would fire him.

Faith said...

New DR!