Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I found a chicken processor close to the ranch that I buy my meat from and they are the place that Rehoboth buys their chicks from.

By the way I talked to the young man on the ranch who is in charge of the meat chickens. They do sell Cornish X chickens as the meat chicken. They did a lot of hands on research and had a high rate of caniblism in the heritage meat chickens like I have, and they take sometimes twice as long to reach butcher weight as the cornish.

I was able to find out that the feed I am giving them is all wrong. It isn't nearly high enough protein as they needed. So no wonder they are scrawny.

I wonder if it is also why they are tough.

I found that I can buy good feed through Rehoboth and also the same Cornish X that Rehoboth buys I can get at the processor. They also are a family farm with a USDA chicken processing plant onsite.

I really like seeing family farms doing business this way.

Ok I went truck shopping today. Ouch!!!! Ok so I wont be buying new.

I have narrowed my focus to a Toyota Tacoma around 2007 35k miles and under as my price range. Wish me luck.


granny said...

"luck" :0)

Faith said...

Cornish rocks really do put on the weight, but they have a problem with leg breakage if they have to get up and down on roosts or ramps and such. But you sure can get them up, out and processed quickly.

Are you raising to sell the meat, or just for your own consumption?



Thank you Granny.

Faith, I am raising for my own meat. I have an issue with how an animal is treated prior to me eating it. I know that sounds weird but if an animal is going to die, it is important to me to give them a chance to be treated well and die with grace. Until I decide to give up meat altogether that is how I must be.

I do have an interesting book called the gradual vegetarian which I need to re-read though.