Saturday, May 30, 2009


Not much time this morning to post, but here are some garden pics. I hate to mow my field because it is full of yellow flowers which I am sure are attracting the tons of bees in my garden.
If you will look close at this plant you will see a baby pumpkin.

Jayden was so excited about the large tomatos. Please note that I brutally prune my tomatos. If you leave all of those beautiful leaves on them, the leaves will suck up all of the nutrients the plant would otherwise use to produce fruit. The leaves also hold in a humid situation which will produce mildew on the leaves. That is not good for the plant. They need few leaves and air flow.

This is a full view of the pumpkin patch.

Here is a baby yellow squash.

Here is the rest of the yellow squash plant...look at those pretty flowers.

Here is a honey bee coming in for a landing.

Here the squash is running up on the fence.

Here are baby butternut squash.

Here is one of my sunflowers. I can't wait for them to bloom. I hope they get tall.

The farmer who owns the field behind me baled the high grass. That would make a bad food except maybe for goats but I am glad he mowed it down.

The canteloupe plants are struggling but one has a flower!

A boy can't walk through a yard full of flowers without picking his favorite girl a bunch.

Time to pick and dry some mint.


Faith said...

Looks so good at your place!

We mow around the little flowers as much as possible, until they are mostly spent.

You got a bouquet. Those are the best! :)


granny said...

Your vegie gardens are looking great!