Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well I gave up not working in the rain. So I mowed in the rain (until the mower died!), and I planted turnips and green bush beans in the rain. I worked all day outside. I had a pick up of the free stuff so that is gone.

Due to the rain I haven't been able to burn all the old cardboard boxes yet. I am getting ready to go try the mower again just to pull the tarp around and pick up burnable stuff. This worries me that it is not running right.

I have a 2" thick fresh ham roast in the crock pot with potatos and carrots. I am starting to smell it and it is smelling so yummy.

Well I don't think that my front porch is gong to be pretty. I can't believe it has taken me so long and it isn't even done yet.

But I was walking back from the garden watching the funny goonies in the field, listening to the sounds of red wing blackbirds in the cattails, Studmuffin crowing someplace out front and it was the first time that the stress from work was gone. I will try to finish the front and clean up under the carport. I want to feel as if I have accomplished something major this weekend.

Why can I not feel that relaxing is an accomplishment? I feel so lazy when I do.

***UPDATE** some chicks are talking to us from the incubator. They are supposed to hatch today. One shell is cracked. I can hear two talking. But I can smell that there is a rotten egg in there. When I smelled that I didn't expect any to hatch.


Faith said...

Well, here I am at nearly 2 am. I can't sleep, nightmares from the prednisone I'm on.

Put 'relaxing' on your list to cross off, and it will feel more like an accomplishment. LOL

I have trouble relaxing, I love doing stuff. Working to me is a form of fun and relaxation, if it's outdoors. It's just when it quits being fun that I notice, and that takes a long time.

It feels so great to get things organized. I'm looking forward to crossing a few of those off my list as well.

I wish I could tinker on engines. Just hasn't been the time or priority. It's going to cost me a pretty penny when my mower goes kaput. Wonder if you could find a local tinkerer who would trade for home baked bread or cookies or something?



Faith it is 3:06am and I am awake too. My worries with the mower is that it is a John Deere and only 1 year old. I bet the waranty ran out in March but will have to check the ppwk.