Friday, October 8, 2010


Bull's story started in Princeton TX born to a full blood beautiful Golden Retriever who fell in love with a working dog....a Great Pyrenees. We were all convinced that these puppies were full blood Golden because the owner didn't really know how she got pregnant so that is what she told people.

I took my oldest two grand boys with me to pick out Bull. They had already picked out the name...."BULL"....full of meaning to two little boys. They told me that they would know when when they saw him.

They were not lieing. They walked in to the room with a play pen full of beautiful fat puppies and both boys pointed to the biggest one at the same time and in the same breath said "That's him".

At first Bull was scared because he was in a new place but baby grand girl made friends with him.

Grand boys played with him and showed him how to dig holes in Nanna's yard.

At 4 months old when Bull stood up and put his paws on the bathroom counter, I started to suspect that maybe he was not all Golden. When at 5 months old he stood up on the kitchen counter and laid his head on the counter to watch me cook I was pretty sure I knew what he was. The vet confirmed it.

Because I wanted him to stay home he took a trip to the vet.

We found out that Bull loves cattails a lot.

And then the teenage year began. After this I decided that Bull had to find a new home.

I made a knee jerk decision and did not discuss it with my family. When my oldest grand boys found out I gave Bull away, they didn't say much...they were very quiet in fact...which made me think that they were ok with it. Then I saw them sitting on the swing set not swinging. I went out to ask what was up.

"We miss Bull...why did you give him away...he was our friend!"...Yikes!

Well it was too late to take that one back. For the next year every time my grand sons looked at me I swear I saw a shadow cross their faces.

And then I got an email while I was at work from the new owner of Bull. They had also adopted one of Bulls brothers. Both dogs loved horses...too much. Brother got kicked because he kept licking the horses hooves and ended up with thousands of dollars in surgery. As Bull kept doing the same thing, they knew it would not be long before the same thing happened to him so they decided to find Bull a new home.

They tried me first hoping I would know someone. It was my chance to redeem myself in my grandboys eyes. So Bull came home.

Bull had grown quite a bit. He weighed in at 120lbs. And he still hated getting into a truck! I own a Tundra and on the way home his nose touched one side door and his tail was scrunched against the other one and he was laying on the laps of two very happy boys.

I had not told them where we were going just that we were going to someone's was spotted boys....boys spotted dog....screaming and barking and slobbering and rolling in the grass. I was redeemed.

Well last night Bull finally made up for the couch that he ate, the two chickens that he ate, the giant stuffed dog that he gutted on the driveway...etc.

I could hear the coyotes coming and I knew there were a lot of them...they were coming down the creek line. By the time they were out and in the field in front of my home they were so loud I could not hear myself think. There were so many of them (perhaps more than 20) they surrounded my property on 3 sides...many puppies also. All yipping and howling.

As they were coming down the creek I started to feel Bull growling through the floor. As the coyotes got closer his growl became louder and louder.

At the point that they were surrounding my property, that dog EXPLODED off of my porch with such a savage snarl the hair stood up on my arms and a flash of CUJO went through my mind. He was tearing down the driveway barking his deep deep bark and snarling and growling.

All the coyotes went silent at one time. Half hour later I heard one lone howl off in the distance but nothing more that night.

That is why I own Bull...he got extra food tonight just for that!


Faith said...


This was so funny! I went back and read all the entries again. :o)

I see a book in all this. "I Am Bull".

Good dog! Very good dog!



lol yes he is a very very good dog. The only annoying thing is that when he is bad he will stop when I yell at him but he doesn't act sorry.

~ H said...

YAY BULL!!!! My "Husker" is an AMAZING dog, but he is wimp! I still love him, just wish he wasn't so wimpy! I guess I will have to hope that "Bogart" will come to my aid if I need a superhero. LOL!