Monday, October 11, 2010


Went to the Doctor today. I have been coughing like crazy and miserably tired all weekend. I don't know how I survived Cuboree!

Antibiotics, cough meds with codene, and some little tiny clear pill that is for my throat. I am getting ready to google it.

Now I am going to try to get some sleep.

Sipping cool ginger ale...helps sooth the throat

***Ok I googled is a cough supressant...thank goodness now maybe I can stop coughing.

While I was out doing the doctor thing, I made a trip down to Southwest Feed Mills
in Mesquite TX.

From what I am told this mill was owned by a husband and wife and when husband died the wife kept the business going. You would not have believed the activity around this old building on Scyene Road. The website is very modern but the mill looks like a place that is well used and loved.

I wish I could have spoken more to the woman at the counter but she was busy. I imagine she is the owner. I was helped by a strapping farm lad who threw around the 150lbs of rabbit feed like it was a bag of feathers. Cheerful also.

Every worker was friendly. I even peeked into the back room where the mill machinery was running and the workers there waved!

What a difference when I opened these bags and dumped them into my metal can. It smelled fresh, and although there was some dust nothing like what I had been feeding the bunnies from the store down the road.

I read somewhere that rabbit pellets make good chicken food. I had changed the egg chickens food a couple of weeks ago and did not like the results. They tore into the food daily like they were starving to death and were eating twice as much of that as the old kind.

We will see how they do on these pellets. I love supporting a high quality local business!


Faith said...

Bummer. Praying for a quick recovery. Aren't AB's an astonishing modern discovery!



Yes they are. I can't imagine how it was before.