Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today's list:
1. feed store-bought 150 lb chick food
2. bought 6 gallons of gas
3. trimmed several trees of low hanging branches as well as scrub growth
4. cleared out the scrub growth in the garden from the old tree
5. pulled out asian yard long beans and threw the bean cages into the chicken yard for them to clean off
6. pulled weeds and winterized 3 raised beds in the kitchen garden
7. fed the rabbits armloads of pulled weeds
8. weed eated the front along the deck
9. dad mowed 2 acres
10. trip to home depot for screws
11 assisted dad floor the tool shed
12. made a batch of homemade pizza crust and froze (small experiment)
13. started a batch of basil vinegar..ran out of vinegar

Sunday to do:

1. make several large batches of home made white bread, give the first rise, punch down, make loaves and freeze them, wrap in plastic wrap and put back in the freezer
2. work on the kids room...clean and make beds, organize the closet
3. guest room-move the cedar chest to my room, make the bed clean and organize the closet
4. wally world: 2 gallons of vinegar; finish the basil vinegar
5. drive to the pumpkin batch and negotiate the purchase of the remaining pumpkins for dehydration
6. come home and relax with a glass of sweet red wine

1 comment:

~ H said...

I need to take a nap just from reading that list! Sounds like one very productive weekend!