Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yes most of the time they are peace filled but it means the weekend is almost over!

Tonight I made homemade bread in hopes of a visit from my friend but I wasn't feeling good so I had to cancel.

I also made 3 bottles of homemade Ginger Ale. This is by far my favorite homemade soda.

These are my garage sale finds. 1.50 each. I will hang pots or something off of them; Maybe lanterns.

This is one of the table cloths that I got from the dollar store for 1.25. It is heavy and has cloth on the back.


Faith said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, seems you have been feeling poorly for the last couple weeks, with one thing or another.

Your bread looks delicious!


frugalgravy said...

OMG, can you ship that bread here?


Faith I know! I got another call from the dr today. another set of problems to see yet another dr for. I need to lose weight and start exercising

Frugal!!!! Where the heck have you been! I miss you horribly. Do you have a blog somewhere else?