Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was going today after work for another load of rabbit poo and had forgotten my tarp to "protect" my truck and make off loading easier.

So I headed to Dollar General at lunch. they didn't have tarps in the automotive section but by that section was the gardening section with lots of 50% off markers.

They had large heavy vinyl table covers normally $4 for 70% off. That will do the trick. I got two.

Then I saw these. Regular price $1. 50% off. Heavy iron hooks which is what I need to hang plants on the front porch next year. I bought them all.

At the check out I noticed something odd. From my angle it looked like they were ringing for .01 each. I pointed this out and the checker said that she had to go and pull the rest off the shelf because they were ringing up wrong but they were going to let me have these for .01 each!!!! How cool was that??

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Faith said...

WooHoooo! Great deal! Isn't it great to be prepared well in advance. I hope this is a trend we get better at. LOL

I find a lot of uses for vinyl table cloths. Pretty cheap, especially yucky prints, but often very useful.