Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have to admit Camp Wisdom outside of Dallas is a very cool place. The boys don't mind the sound of I20 which is only about 1 mile away. they only cared that there were woods to run through, rock lizards to catch, two pirate ships to get in and fight battles in, a real air plane to climb up in, a cave to go into (flashlights needed), a full sized fort and a castle too. The nature center had snakes and turtles to look at as well.

Daughter didn't appreciated the active armadillas that ran marathons around the tent last night. And she is as sick as I am. We are living on Dayquil, Niquil and Musonex.

I went back this morning and took down camp and they were on the road by 9:30am back to daughters home. They had a lot of fun.

I have decided that if the world as we know it comes to an end, there will be one thing I must figure out how to continue. Long Showers...either hot or cold...either one is fine...but I love showers.

Ok I came home and did a little work in the garden. I pulled out the remaining peppers. I planted the following:
Romaine Lettuce-Little Gem and Parris Island
Swiss Chard-Fordhook Giant
Mesclun lettuce-Valentine
Spinach-Teton Hybrid and Monstrueux de Viroflay
Carrots-Little Fingers (these get 3" long)
Lettuce-Black Seeded Simpson

I covered all with composted rabbit manure and finished compost. I watered it well and covered it with semi clear 6 mil plastic. I did not have the energy to cover it with wire like I wanted to. I have to protect this bed from my cats. I lost all of my new broccoli plants to digging cats and guineas.

Tomorrow I have the day off. Electrician gets here at 8. To the Doctor at 9:30, then when I come back if I am up to it I will mow and plant turnips.

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