Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Chickens babies and my confidence. As I came out to leave for work I have a routine. I fill the baby chick water and food, check bunny waters all while the truck is warming up.

What I found this morning was that I had lost about half of my meat chicks. I assume that it got too cold last night and they squashed each other. They all died in the corner.

I have 25 left. So I did better with smaller batches?

I picked up dead babies and tonight I filled up the bedding and piled it in the corners, re-situated the heat lamps both of which were on and filled food and waters.

On a positive I stopped off at the new location of the bunny poo ladies cages, and brought home a whole wheel barrow full of composted rabbit poo. I will need a lot more. I used it to transplant 3 of my pepper plants and added the rest to one of the beds I will use for a winter garden.

I seriously have been lazy about this. I have to get after it!

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Faith said...

oh, no. I'm so sorry. Yes, it sure does sound like they got too cold. Kind of classic situation. :o(

But yay for rabbit poo!