Sunday, October 31, 2010


To get my confidence back up I am making my normal white bread which I am good at. The failure of the salt rising bread was a horrible blow to my self confidence. Silly isn't it?

On the side while the yeast was proofing, I made a batch of homemade tortillas which I have never made before. How do they get them so soft in the packages at the store? Mine came out stiff. Yummy but stiff. My ADD kicked in and I found that after 5 tortillas, I was bored and will need to use the rest of the dough for pizza.

I doubled my recipe for bread which will give me at least 4 loaves maybe 5.

I will bake one. The rest I will get through the first rise (which they are doing right now) and will form them into loaves and put them on cookie sheets in the freezer.

After they are frozen solid I will take them out, wrap them in plastic wrap and foil and then put them back in the freezer. When I need bread I will take them out, unwrap them, put them in a greesed loaf pan and set in a warm place to thaw and rise.

When it is risen I will bake it like normal. So it's kind of my normal bread but with a twist.

I will start looking for a really good heavily nut'd seed'd wheat bread. That is what I would like to get really good at.

Anyone have a recipe?

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Faith said...

If you are silly, then so am I. I completely understand.

Without being able to cook and bake regularly, I fight feelings of being only half a woman these days. :oP

Were the tortillas corn or flour?