Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ok I know I really should be cleaning house but...

The thawed roast needed to be tended to.

This roast is very fatty. This might not work for drying. So i only took a small part of it and cut it into strips to dry.

The trimmings are in a pot to make beef broth. As with the BBQ Pork, this will go in the fridge 24 hours and I will pull off the beef tallow. The broth will be canned and the tallow will be rendered if it is not clean and then frozen.

My bread is done. Slight dent in the middle. Hmmmm my bread making skills are a little off this weekend.

4 smaller unbaked loaves are in the freezer.

Breakfast tortillas are in my tummy. And the left over tortilla dough went to make this yummy looking pizza. This will be dinner for me and the boys tomorrow night before cubscouts.

The other half of the roast is going into the crock pot to cook. I am not sure what I will make out of that yet. I will probably freeze it until I decide.


Faith said...

Well, now. I consider that housecleaning too.

Can you imagine what the house would be like if you left THAT just sitting out on the counter?



Faith funny.


Yesterday, I had strips of the cooked roast for lunch at work wrapped in home grown romaine lettuce leaves that I had just picked. It was really amazing and crunchy. Dinner last night was the pizza which by the way I made the crust from left over tortilla dough. Daughter loved it.

this morning I sampled the dried meat as I turned off the dehy and it was so yum! A piece of that and a piece of fruit would make a great meal. So I am thinking much more dried meat soon.