Thursday, October 28, 2010


it is an amazing day out. 65 degrees breezy and blue sky! Finally fall is here (I never know about TX)

One load of laundry is drying in the breeze on the line and another is washing.

Frost warning tomorrow night so I know I won't be able to protect the only feeble watemelon so I picked it and a few okra.

It wasn't ripe but I put it in the fridge. I am convinced I can do something with it. My mom used to tell me I would get a belly ache if I ate the rind of a watermelon. You can understand my shock the first time I saw them pickled and just knew someone would be poisoned.

I was looking in the freezer to see if there was something to eat for lunch. I didn't want to eat anything heavy because it is my dad's birthday and we are going out tonight. I found this which I had forgotten about.

This is a package of cantelope that I grew in the summer of 2009. I vacume sealed it because we ate all the rest and I wanted some for the middle of winter. Then I forgot about it.

Since it was still very orange I opened it and tried it frozen. It is amazing! Ok so more cantelope next year to put in the freezer for smoothies...which I am having for lunch today. Just like frozen grapes, these make a great snack frozen. I have heard they are mushy when you let them thaw so I won't.

This is my fall/winter cut and come again salad garden. Since we have frost coming that means due to my procrastination, I will have to go to Lowes after dinner and get pvc and brackets and screws and make a mini green house to protect this.

It is time to make some more pesto too.

Pray for peace for me. I have started the process of refinancing and the stress of what needs to get done before the appraisal is almost too much for me.

I don't know how this lettuce survived. It was eaten completely down by grasshoppers twice. Then the guineas got the hoppers and everything started to grow again.

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