Monday, October 11, 2010

New Soda Ideas

Ok the ginger ale went so well, I have decided that I will try some others:

vanilla soda
grape soda
lemon lime soda
apple soda
pear soda
in the spring blackberry soda

Can you guys think of some other ideas?

I might have to get a fruit press!


Faith said...

I never even thought of making those. Sounds cool!

I have made grape juice kefir, and that was very, very good.



Faith I bet the kefir is similar to the soda. do you have a post with the recipe?

Faith said...

No, I don't. I had so many milk kefir grains at the time, I was finding all sorts of way to use them. I think I had a half gallon of them; beauties, they were.

But you sacrifice them when you put them in juice, so you have to have extra.

I did hear that you can buy special grains that are suited for juice, but I've never done that.


bethanial11 said...

I bet the vanilla would taste like cream soda, which brings me to root beer :-) Can't wait to try your ginger ale recipe! Did you ever try it with the champagne yeast instead of the bread yeast for the taste comparison?