Friday, September 11, 2009


I know you guys who have been with me for a while are going to say....WHAT? WHY?

Here is the deal. I have never been forgiven by my wonderful grandboys for getting rid of Bull. According to J and D he was a good dog who loved to play with them.

Due to work hours, Bull never got trained, teamed up with a neighbors dog and tore up my belongings and then the final straw was he killed a chicken.

I didn't tell J and D they just got to my house one day and he was gone. Big mistake.

Several days ago I got an email from his mommy saying she needed to find him a new home because he wouldn't stop licking their horses hooves and he keeps getting kicked. His brother got his back broke and Bull was close to it.

This was my chance to make right one of my biggest mistakes. I put together a kennel to put him in when I am at work.

Tonight was his first night in the house. He doesn't like it in the house. He is too big. But the boys are very happy.

And yes now you can see that he has grown very very large.


granny said...

Thats one huge Dawg to have in the house !!! The things we do for Grandkids ,lol !!!

Faith said...

You softy, you.

You should stop by a farrier as he's working and pick up a few chew toys for Bull.

Well, J and D are happy campers. And you've whipped out a dog kennel in a day. Awesome!


Peggy said...

So glad Bull is back with you! I see the greandsons are happy too. Hope things are going better with your daughter. Have a blessed weekend