Monday, October 18, 2010


Last night I went through all of my loose change and pulled out all quarters and dimes dated 1964 and before. I hope you do the same.

This is called junk silver. There was still silver in coins made before then.

Also I will have to soak my pennies in coke to be able to see most of the dates but I will seperate out all pennies dated 1982 and before because they were made of copper then.

Also started a nickel collection. Nickels are still 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Like it or not, metals are a good investment.

I also buy silver coins and squares when ever I can. Beginning this holiday season, I will be gifting silver to my kids and grand kids as well as "preparedness" type stuff. Might seem boring to them but I can't help being concerned the way our future looks.


~ H said...

we were just discussing the future tonight. Funny how your priorities change when you are thinking down the road a bit.


So true H. It is easy to start to feel stress about it, but not if you are actively preparing. The way I look at it, If I am stocked up on 3 months of food, then I am protected from 3 months of inflationary pricing which is crazy right now. Are you noticing that the things you buy every day are steadily going up in price a penny or 2 at a time? Also twice in the last year my home has become unlivable due to lack or power or lack of water for several days. I need to be ready for things like that.

Faith said...

I saw a 'buy gold' commercial on TV last year. They said that no investment was too small.

So I thought that I might cash in a bond that was given to me many years ago and, being attached to the stock market, has never done anything.

They said that 2500 dollars was too small for them. Their minimum was 25,000 dollars. So much for the little guy.

He suggested I go to the bank and buy gold coins. So you are one up on them.

Food prices are crazy. I am trying so hard to get to that place of producing our own food. Really need to get rabbits going. But the cages and shelter are a challenge.



Faith I would not recommend gold right now. gold is very inflated right now and people I trust who are predicting the market are saying that gold is not a good investment because it is too over priced. Silver on the other hand has remained steady. Junk silver like old coins are good because you pay face value of them when up pick them up at the store. I had several old quarters in my wallet. Talk to someone who won't make a profit from you about gold before you decide to invest.


yesterday I asked the checker at Walmart to give me $2 of my change in would have thought I had just asked her for her arm.