Friday, October 15, 2010


Here's the gang chasing bugs and seeds and getting ready for bed:

Here is how high I let the grass get. I did this to allow the grass to go to seed. Hoping that when we mowed it would re-seed it's self. Tonight I was looking at it and remembered seeing a video on The New Survivalist on his rabbits. He pulls weeds and drys them for food for winter.

So I got scissors and started cutting and carrying armloads of grass. But where to dry them where Bull won't pee on it?

This will kill 3 birds with 1 stone. First it has a place to dry where it will get air above and below. Second it sticks down inside the bunny cages and provides something for the bunnies to play with and eat. Lastly, winter is coming. It will provide insulation.

Today I was out running errands and ran by Southwest Feed Mill in Mesquite. It was not so busy and I got to speak to the owner. She seems like a wonderful woman. I switched the laying hens to a 16% layer pellet so that they will eat slower. They also make a 20% broiler pellet which is very small and will be cleaner for the meat birds.

You remember Ruby. She hears that there is a very handsome tom turkey in NC by Ft Bragg that knows how to tell the weather better than any human. She wishes she could meet him one day.

The honeymoon is definatly not over. This poor girl hardly has any feathers left. I bet she can't wait for some of the new hens to grow up a little more!

Here are my giant zuchinni. Not a single female flower on them though! Any ideas why?

Here is the shed: progress is very slow but the window is framed in:

Have I told you lately how much I hate spiders? I have destroyed this girls hard work each morning for about 2 weeks now. You'd think I would remember she was there in the same spot! Pre Coffee Moments.

Well here they are. No more deaths. Three weeks old and heavy! Full crops, and settling down for the night.

I need to let the grass grow more often. Here is what grew up in my front yard:

That is pretty much it. Tomorrow is work day in the morning and tomorrow night is my daughters birthday dinner at Love and War in Texas. Good food and fun atmosphere.

She and I are beginning plans for next years celebration: Big year for both of us...she will be 30 and I will be 50! Woohooo


~ H said...

Those same flowers grew up in our yard too! I found a whole bunch of bulbs last year when I was planting some shrubs. I relocated them over by our peach tree. So far the only thing that has come up were three of these red beauties. My father-in-law says they are called surprise lillies. He is right 98% of the time so I am telling my visitors that is what they are. LOL I sure hope he is right.


Well H he's right; proper name for them is Lycoris. I would have never looked under lillies. Thank you

Peggy said...

Tell Ruby Fred would love to meet her! Things are looking really good around your place. You are one busy lady

~ H said...

I was surprised they were lillies too! They just don't look the part. I guess that is why they are "Surprise Lillies" LOL!
I am glad I (my Father in law) could be of some help :D

Anonymous said...

I'm in GA, and we always call them spider lilies, but surprise lilies works too, b/c they sure do seem to spring up overnight!